Monday, June 4, 2012

Student Leaders

Today I introduced our new, We Care for Our Class chart. On it I have listed Student Leader jobs for the children to do each day.  It amazes me how seriously they take the selection of these jobs each morning during our morning meeting time.  Each meeting starts with a song and the selection of jobs for the day.  We now have a student leader who is responsible for helping us practice our rules each day, as well as our table leaders who hand out papers, our pet leader who feeds the class pet(fish) and other jobs.  The purple hero cards were introduced today as well.  We are all excited that things change and our class does not stay the same.

The student leader for Speak and Listen time did a great job and told people when it was their turn.  Everyone listened and responded so well. I was able to do some individual reading assessment during this time.  The children really like the idea of being leaders not just someone doing a job. Realising just how grown up they can be even though they are in grade one, has been a revelation.  It is a blessing to have such a lovely class.  I look forward to seeing the growth in the children as they take on more leadership in the classroom.

The hero purple cards are something that has caused great excitement.  It is really good to reward the student who do so well each and everyday.  I have now laminated my white and purple cards and have seperate containers for both.  In the past I was reluctant to try the practice cards but now am so glad I did. The concept of student leaders is another thing I have been slow to take on, but am now happily trying all sorts of new things.  All this has lead to more joy and more engagement from the children and I.

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