Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WBT Australia

This term has been very significant for the development of Whole Brain Teaching in Australia. Teachers across Australia have been discovering WBT and reaching out to other teachers, as we learn more about this amazing education revolution.
Caloundra Christian College started the term with a one hour session for all teachers about Whole Brain Teaching and the BIG 7. The BIG 7 includes the essential elements of a WBT classroom/School.
The teachers experienced whole brain learning as they explored each element.
T= Class/yes, the attention getter used often throughout a day.
H=The Five Rules, help focus students so they are better able to participate in learning.
E=Teach/o.k., provides the opportunity for every child to participate in every lesson.
B=Mirror, provides opportunity for perfect rehearsal from micro teaching of concepts and skills.
I=Scoreboard, keeps track of behaviour throughout a day.
G=Hands and Eyes, is the main point attention getter.
7= Switch, gives students the opportunity to experience turn taking as they learn speaking and listening skills.
From the day that school started, teachers across the College have been implementing elements of WBT in their classrooms with great success. I am thrilled to hear the good reports from students, parents and teachers.
Today made it all even more exciting as it was the launch day for WBT Australia. I am keen to make contact with other educators throughout Australia so we can share our experiences, like the one above, and encourage one and other on this journey of change.

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