Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to WBT Basics

Back to WBT Basics

I realised my posts have been very general and all very big picture type posts, so today sees a change of direction.

Class, yes
I just love using class yes to get instant student engagement. I say class and the children say yes. What could be better than students smiling at you and waiting for the next thing to be said.  Yes, it really is that easy. To avoid wearing this out, vary how you say class, and the children respond with the appropriate variation of yes. For example, you could say classroo and the children would respond yesaroo. I hope you all noticed the Aussie nod to the kangaroo. 

To hear a teacher blow a whistle at children really hurts my ears and makes me cringe. Hearing a teacher plead and repeat the plead with children to be quiet, also makes me feel sad for the teacher and the children. Just this week I heard someone call out freeze frame and the children all jumped into strange shapes and wiggled and jiggled and giggled around. There may be a place for different ways to get attention but I am sticking with class yes. 

You get to use one syllable and get a one syllable response. The students have activated their prefrontal cortex and are focused on you. Another great thing is that it is easy to teach and use. So easy and effective that when other teachers see how easily you can get student engagement they will all want to use it. The children even realise how effective it is and I have caught them using it during small group activities. 

We all love playing with class yes in my class and use different voices, actions etc and end up laughing at each other. Ah, teacher heaven with two simple words. It is wonderful to make time to have fun with the children you are teaching. So for me and my class, is it class yes all the way. 

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  1. I love "Class Yes" too! It's like starting a personal conversation with all your kids at the same time! :-)