Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Whole BrainTeaching Conference 2016

WBT Conference 2016 was a different kind of conference than the other two I had attended. The location was different, what was shared was different in many ways and the temperature was very different. 

This year conference was held in Las Vegas. Wow, what an eye opener that was. My first reaction was to go to my room and stay there. So glad that I did not do that as I actually really enjoyed every minute of my stay in Vegas. There was so much to see and do. Best of all I got to see and do this with my Whole Brain Teaching family.

We met at Las Vegas High School and what was shared was different in many ways. Coach B(Chris Biffle) the Director of Whole Brain Teaching, shared his heart in relation to what is currently happening in schools and how we can lead the way for it to improve for both teachers and students. The teaching sessions were linked to the new wholebrainteaching.com website. The sessions followed the new format of beginner, intermediate, advanced, legendary, and semi divine. I encourage you to go to the website, join it, and work your way through the levels. 

The temperature had an impact on the conference and we all learned the importance of lots of cold water. Sessions were held in airconditioned facilities which made a wonderful difference to our ability to focus. Going outside was not really something any wanted to do. Evening walks were the preferred option as the temperature stayed high for the entire week. 

My future blog posts will focus on the content of the conference. This was an over view of the highlights of the week. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to your future posts!!

    1. Hi Michelle
      Are you going to Louisianna?