Monday, July 9, 2012

The Joy of Sharing Whole Brain Teaching

Today I attended the 2012 Christian Schools Australia Conference with 816 other delegates from Christian Schools across Queensland.  In the afternoon we had the choice of 71 different sessions to attend. Whole Brain Teaching was a session that was presented at two different times in the afternoon.  Over the last two weeks I have worked on this presentation for many hours. I developed a Power Point and asked Coach B and Tony Ryan to give me feedback. The slides were reduced, some videos added and the Power Point was transferred to a Prezi for extra pizaz.

Forty five teachers selected the Whole Brain Teaching sessions. Teachers represented every year level from Prep to year 12.  My knowledge and experience is very much as a Primary Teacher but I think the strategies of using brain facts with direct instruction and cooperative learning could also be applied in high school.  Every Teacher fully participated in the session with many taking notes and commenting that they will be looking at the website and incorporating Whole Brain Teaching in their classroom. It was great to see the joy on the teachers faces as they experienced Whole Brain Teaching and the Big Seven.

At four different times throughout the session Teachers were asked to share their knowledge about Whole Brain Teaching with their knee buddy.  Questions asked demonstrated that they were using critical thinking when deciding how they could use these strategies in their classroom. This could have been extended by asking all the Teachers to think deeper about their next steps.  More direct questioning could have been used to help develop this deep thinking.  A closing Game of Mind Soccer could have been used to add to the fun of learning about Whole Brain Teaching. In conclusion it was a joy to share Whole Brain Teaching with other passionate Teachers. You can view the Whole Brain Teaching Prezi at

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