Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jumping In

Holidays were a mix of fun, family, friends, relaxation, study and preparation. Having made the decision to jump into Whole Brain Teaching, I knew I had some work to do. A hot topic in the forum has been ’ how to get started’.  At our school we started Term Three on July 12th. With over a week of school completed, I can share what has been happening in my classroom as we all jumped into a new term.

When you jump into a river it is best to check the depth and plan how you will jump in and where to jump in.  Being well planned and deliberate were keys to jumping into this term well. During the first five days I kept a record of every technique or tool that I used. We have used class yes, scoreboard, mirror, teach ok, switch, blow and release, hands and eyes, power pixs, red green writing, yes no smart cards, the rules, practice cards, threepeat, purple reward cards, UHM(3 star homework), Superspeed rhyming, 100 and grammar, Super Improvers Wall and classroom leaders. I made a discovery I really am a Whole Brain Teacher. I am no longer dabbling on the edge, I really have jumped in.

The 18th of July was our 100th day of year one. To celebrate we made a post it note collection of the 100 things we like about year one. To my delight Whole Brain Teaching techniques and tools featured highly on the list. I am currently gathering permission slips for our first video as we continue to jump deeper into that river of Whole brain Teaching. In conclusion the decision to jump on in, has been a good one. If you are reading this and you are not sure what some of these things mentioned are, why not check out wholebrainteaching.com and see if you would like to jump in.

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