Friday, August 3, 2012

Student Engagement and The Red, Green Writing System

The Red, Green Writing System is one aspect of the Whole Brain Teaching focus on students making progress in their writing skills.  The system uses timed writing sessions that have a clear writing skill focus. One red dot is placed above a poor example of the skill. A green dot is placed above a good example of that skill. Students know exactly what to stop doing, and what to keep doing.

This has been our fourth week of using the Red, Green Writing System. I am amazed by the difference that ten minutes of free writing with a clear focus on particular skills, can make. When I told the children it was red green writing time, they cheered. One boy proudly announced he knew what he was going to write about.  Weekly diary recount writing about our weekend adventures had never recieved that response. The fact that students are given a choice on the topic has increased motivation.  They know what the focus is and they get immediate feedback has led to writing progress with increased student engagement.

Rewarding students with stars for improvement on the Super Improvers Wall has added to the excitement now associated with Red, Green Writing. Students no longer write similar things each Monday. Critical thinking is used as students ask and answer their own questions each week. What topic shall I choose? How shall I write it? What text type shall I use? What punctuation do I need? Am I using my writing lines? Am I forming my letters neatly and correctly?  The children are really thinking about their writing now.

In conclusiong the Red, Green Writing System has greatly changed my approach to Monday writing time. It has also changed student attitudes to writing and progress in writing skills. I am looking forward to great things happening with the children as they grow a love of writing.

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  1. I just learned about red/green writing and am excited to use it someday. Maybe when I sub again in February.

    I'm your newest follower.

    Mrs.D Reading with Mrs. D