Monday, May 28, 2012

Make your Dear Teacher Happy

Today we talked about what makes our room special, and how can we make it better.  The fact we can all be a super improver was stressed.  The children gave me some suggestions like I should have a sit and read in library corner some days and I can help with clean up. The children mentioned lots of WBT treasures within our discussions. One thing we don't have is the WBT rules as the College has one set of rules we all use.  We have added gestures to our rules and practice them daily and use them just like the WBT rules.  I have mentioned ''make your dear teacher happy" is a rule in some schools.  The children love this rule and often mention it. I have explained we can not change the school rules even though they have tried to tell me to. This has become an unofficial rule in our room much to the childrens delight. Oh how nice that they see that as important. Another day, another slice of teacher heaven.

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