Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Well, it was another day in teacher heaven.  I am using more and more WBT in the classroom. Being part of the certification process has spurred me into action.  Today the children invented a gesture for digraphs and happily shared it with each other. We used gestures in maths to practice what is the equals sign. We used our scoreboard and practice cards. We also used the grammar power point and power pixs to review nouns, adjectives and verbs.

Some highlights of the day were exclamations of joy as we finished another round of two minutes of SuperSpeed with the ones helping the twos.  Children coming up and saying how much fun it is, and even hugging me for letting them do SuperSpeed 100. The children are so excited to help each other and beat their own records.  I was initially using superspeed as a homework program which for some families has really worked well. Now doing it as part of our daily routine, no one misses out.

When I initially tried to introduce SuperSpeed 100 in class the children were really confused by it. Now they are older and know what it is all about.  They are totally with the program, just like so many other WBT things we do each and everyday. In some ways I think it is me that is holding them back because I have been reluctant to do some things but as I have introduced them they all work and the children love them.

Another highlight of the day was one child noticing that another child had gone for two days without a practice card and was congratulating him for the extra effort.  I have been amazed by the effectiveness of those little bits of white card with numbers on them. I am also amazed by the diligence of the children to do their practice time. We made use of class/yes, mirror, teach/o.k., air whiteboards, and student leaders for rule practice.  The more WBT we do, the more evident that golden thread of happiness is as it works its way in and through each one of us.

I am so glad I found WBT!


  1. Hi! Great post! Can you write another about what your students were originally confused by and another about things you are hesitating with and why? Both of these would make excellent posts!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. HI Misty
      Thank you for the comment.Yes I will.